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All Horomeca Time Management software, hardware and smartphones' application in the human ressources and time management sector, a large range for any type of company and organisation!

Our Handheld Rugged for Data collection terminals

Handheld rugged, bar-code readers, portable and mobile terminals, readers, vision system and laser ID, are also equipped with a strong and rugged protection that can withstand a fall of some meters

Look through our handheld rugged pocket PC, industrial table, our bar-code readers, data collection terminals

Click here to know how you can capture data everywhere, in any location, at any moment to treat them and use them downstream.

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For Time management, time recorders, time clocks, and rugged tablets and laptops

The clients who trusted us for Time management solution, time and attendance, time recorders, time clocks, with team plannning, working from home time management solutions,  time management on smartphones, tablets or rugged laptops.
We sell also access control solutions, turnstiles, watch-guard management

ECM, digital document management, Time Management, Access control,

Time management and rugged devices, Access control, watchguards

For Time management, time recorders, and rugged tablets and laptops, you are at  the right place.

For Time management, time recorders, and rugged tablets and laptops, human resources, time and attendance management, biometric terminals or

solution de télétravail, pointage sur PC

teleworking, clocking from home on PC

virtual clocking from PC for an efficient « teleworking », smartphone or tablet, team planning, access control and management, turnstiles, watch-guard management.

– your ECM, Enterprise Content Management, for processes and cases management on one digital platform uniting all critical systems and content,

time management

SYQR app

New :

– In the « mobile » age, with daily use of new technologies and mobile & cellphones, smartphones, tablets, we have the solution, an « app », mobile application, with « geolocalisation » & personalized and direct access to all functions, thanks to the new barcode technology too, the « QR » code, all this from your smartphone => app « SYQRTime »