News about our range of Time management systems and rugged tablets, laptops & handheld, time recorders, time machines, clocking machines & time management, access control systems

This page is the page about the news and new developments in our range of rugged tablets and laptops, barcode scanners, PDA and rugged handheld devices,

… but also of our time recorders, time management systems and software, clocking machine, access control systems and data collection terminals.

The “time management’ is ever improving.  The “cloud” solutions are even better but there are “Web Based” sotware as well!

“Web Based” means that the installed solution on the servers of the customer can be reached in the same network from different “plants” and that the time-recorders can also reach the remote server …

There is a frame (page) introducing the time management software with all situation feedbacks as well as “statistics”

logiciel de pointage introduction

There are also complete workers’ and employees’ forms for an even simplified management

A complete look and display of the transactions, mouvements and clocking

There is a possibility to get automatic “alerts” of wrong doings and clocking anomalies

there is an access control module too

In other words, a complete and user-friendly time management and clocking solution to manage the different schedules.

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Time management solution that meets sanitary standard !

As a company, we need to innovate to provide our customers with solutions that meet the demands of our time

Face recognition and hand palm reading clocks

Face recognition and hand palm reading clocks

We must offer time recording solutions that are fully secure and provide essential health adn sanitary guarantees.  This is why we are gradually going from time clocks with ‘contact’, fingerprint recording, to recording methods of “without” physical contact with the terminal, to ensure that staff can safely regsiter their times.

Businesses today want a solution that guarantees essential sanitary conditions.

This is what our facial recognition, facial reading, and hand palm-reading solutions offer. We go even further with the offer of face recognition even wearing a sanitary mask

face recognition and hand palm reading time clocks

face recognition and hand palm reading time clocks

All of these time clocks are compatible with our time management solutions, our presence management software, time management solution, These terminals, these time clocks, can also combine access control and management with even the ability to take temperature remotely.

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Time machines, Time clocks for an easy time management and register presences of employees

Each company, organisation, association, needs to calculate the worked hours of his employees.  One doesn’t talk about “policing” but just and only to offer work flexibility to one’s workers and employees.  It is not a disciplinary measure but a “plus” for the workers and employees who can make the best of the flexibility with their work hours.

time clocks, time machine, punching machines

time clocks, time machine, punching machines

… this si a simple yet efficient solution …

This small machines find their place in our wider range of products of time management and access control. Wee have the solution you need  whatever the complexity of your organisation.  We can help you to manage several sites or only one, manage one employee or a dozens, even thousand ..

Calculating time clocks, time machine, punching machines

Calculating time clocks, time machine, punching machines

Our “time clocks” are also time management solutions, clocking solution, schedules management solution.  It’s an easy and simple way to manage presences in the company, calculate the worked hours, beaks and meals.

Time stamps, time clocks, time machine, punching machines

Time stamps, time clocks, time machine, punching machines

The “card clocks” are still the time management basic tool.  Easy, simple to use. these time stamps, clocks are “plug and play” systems.; Just order it and when you get it, put it on a table or fix it on a wall … it works.  When you think about a system, think twice not to take one of these.

We have different types of clocks in our range of products, each with it’s advantages. It’s easy to compare with other clocks or solutions.

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A new ‘clock’, ‘time management terminal’ in our range of products with ‘facial recognition’ and facial biometrics

This technology is not “new” but is improving day by day to offer companies, organizations, associations, a more precise method to calculate the hours provided by employees. 

It is a very useful tool to offer the flexibility of work and the improvement of the organization of the work of employees… They can take advantage of flexible hours for better mobility.
pointer, badger, facial recognition.

face recongnition clocks, time management

face recognition time management clocks,

… here is a simple but effective solution …

These terminals are part of our full range of time clocks and time management solutions with or without access control.  We have the solution you need regardless of the complexity of your organization.

We can help you manage multiple sites or one, and manage from “one” employee to tens or several thousand employees. …

facial recognition terminal

Our ‘pointers’ or ‘badgers’ are also time management solutions, scores and schedules.  They allow a very easy management of the presence of employees, to calculate the number of hours provided, the “breaks” and even the meal breaks.

We offer several types of ‘pointing system’ and each type of machine and software offers advantages.  We can help and guide you to compare different solutions and devices.

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SMEs are looking for a simple and efficient Time Management solution, we have it for them! 

This machine, time recorder, is a “touchscreen” and of the most advanced userfriendly use.  It is easy to install en allow HR managers not only manage the employees data but also the different departments, schedules, days-off etc.

Fingerprints time recorder

Thanks to this time machine, time recorder, can de HR managers, personnel managers, SME bosses, easily manage and monitor the schedules of their employees and workers.

They can also remotely check times, presences, absences, by using this “embedded” software and the web browser communication.

BioTime Web is the simplest and most innovative “Plug & Play” solution for your employees’ time control.

The system is based on the versatile Biopad, the data collection terminal on Android. With a 7 “touchscreen” display and available in an RFID or biometric version, Biopad integrates a time management application for configuring your employees and their working time.

To complete the whole,

time recorder for 40 employees

time recorder for 40 employees

the Biopad comes with an embedded Webserver, an online time management application capable of managing in real time all the data of the terminal through any web browser. View and manage your employees’ schedules from anywhere, without the need to install any software.

Today, flexibility is no longer a luxury, it is a “must” 😉

BioTime is the SMB solution, BioPad is the badge-pointer that you can use with most of our solutions and software of time management, scores and schedules.

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“Intranet” Time and Attendance Management solution software!

Did you know it? If our time and attendance management and HR management software solution ca, be used in “cloud”, there are also at yourndisposition in “intranet”, on your intranet.

Time and Attendance management as a mobile solution

The mobility with Time Management for consulting balances and absences

Our software solutions allow not only the employees to clock ‘in’ and ‘out’ but also to look at their balances, time accounts, as well as clock on their PC, Tablet, Smartphone.

Many organisations and companies want an interactive solution and demand more and more possibilities of consultation and this by more and more employees.

time and attendance and balances

time and attendance management on tablets or smartphones

Companies and organisations, institutions, government bodies, industries in all type of sectors want a complete solution accessible by all, anytime and everywhere.  The solution is of course our online “mobile module” that allows not only to clock ‘in’ and ‘out’ on tablets or smartphones, thanks to the geolocalisation, but also allow the consultation of balances, days-offs request etc.

We offer “complete” solutions with our own software or with an already installed & existing solution.

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New range of turnstiles compatible with our time management and access control solutions, the “speedgates“, we mean “swing gates” with small opening glass or plexy doors …


… this accelerate the passage through the access with the same security for personnel …

These are solutions that can be installed together with more conventional “turnstiles” and working alongside eachother  …

… and we still have the full height turnstiles for outdoor use and restrain the access of authorized personnel and visitors on sites, plants and sensible or closed sites.


We offer “complete” solutions with our own software or with an already installed & existing solution.

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Time Management, the management of clocking can make you spare money

The SMEs and larger companies need to manage presences of their employees.  Controlling and monitoring the time is not a disciplinary measure but a “plus” in the work organisation of employees and workers … they can make the best out of work “flexibility”, organize their work as they wish.

Logiciel de Pointages et gestion horaire et de planning

Clocking, Schedule, Planning

… a complete and yet user-friendly solution …

All our time management and clocking solutions, with or without access control, are supplied and usable whatever the complexity of your organisation : from the management of one or more sites and plants while taking care of dozens or several thousands employees and workers …

la gestion des pointages par la création d'horaires

Time management, schedules management

Our “Time machines”, “clocking machines”, and time, schedules and presences management solutions allow a better monitoring of employees’ presences, totalling the number of worked hours, the “breaks” and meal times, even the discrepancies between defined schedules and the worked times.

le pointage par département, la gestion de tous les salariés

Department, clocking, employee management

Online solutions and in real time data collection allowing a efficient and immediate access to all presence informations and access to all organisation information, improving the performance and productivity of the company.

We also offer communication “interfaces” to send all data under the needed standard to ant human resource management solution.

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With our Time management and Time recording solutions, we offer also a “mobile” clocking machine, a “rugged” one ;

In the time of “mobile solutions”, it is more than normal to offer “portable and mobile terminals” to our customers, a solution that helps them to collect time and any data everywhere it is necessary.

… chock resistant time recorders, in a way …

We talk about solutions fulfilling our range of products of  standard solution with terminals and time recorders placed in the building, on the wall, at the entry for ex. and communicating with the server.  The time management software is installed on the server of the company. …

It speaks for itself that these clocks, time recorders, work with our time management solutions and help for an easy management of employee presences, calculating number of worked hours, breaks and price of meals taken, as well as discrepancies between planned schedules and effectively worked times.

We also offer communication “interfaces” to send data captured with our solution to other solutions and softwares, RH or else …

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Patrol guards is not only the efficient Time Management of the guards tours themselves, it’s also a tool to monitor, follow up and check what goes wrong where! 

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We offer you a new solution, Vehicle-mounted Computer!

This PDA, rugged handheld, portable device, pocket PC, or bord computer, driving assistance, mounted in vehicle, helps you manage travels, follow better routes.

Vehicle-mounted Computer

Vehicle-mounted Handheld Computer

With this rugged handheld PDA, you can calculate and improve travels, register speed and fuel consumption, trigger alarms and notifications.

This ‘state of the art’ device analyzes the drivers behaviors, gives permanent advice and route suggestions.

This V600 features 4G LTE network, 2.4G & 5G dual-band Wi-Fi, ultrafast quad-core processor, GPS & BDS, two-channel external camera, 5MP autofocus camera, fingerprint and face recognition, OBD data collection, Bluetooth 4.0 as well as biometrics, supporting calls, SMS, voice and recording functions

This device features powerful quad-core processor, secure and fluent Android 5.1 operating system, together with 1GB/2GB of RAM, 8GB/16GB build-in flash storage, plus a SD card slot that can add up to 64GB of memory.

Digital HR management

Data collection for a management on tablet, smartphones and mobile solutions etc.

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Always more and further away, in our tades, this means: always more efficient and faster.  This is why we take the best of new tech. in order to develop new apps, even in time management and time recording, the Schedule and attendance management.

One simple QR code “scan” and you end up on our “Online” time management solution on your cell phone.  From there, and after having introduced your usual ‘login’ and ‘password’, you can access to all usual functions like on a time management and data collection terminal.

QR Synel Menu

Thanks to new technologies like the ‘fingerprint’ and ‘geolocalisation’ ones, these apps can do the job instead of a terminal, biometric terminal, with cards or face recognition or else.

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Kean to offer the best of bride solutions to our existing or potential clients, we have enlarged our range of products and solutions with an ECM (Enterprise Content Management) one, this means the industrial process management and administration on a digital basis.

We made an agreement with the leader of the US market, the company HYLAND, that offers the complete and very efficient “ONBASE” solutions.

This new offer of software, ECM (Enterprise Content Management) solutions, “Cloud” or “local”, optimalisation processes and administrative management, digitalisation/dematerialisation, dematerialized communication totally internally secured, remote crew and team work, HR & recruitment process management, interventions on locations follow-up etc.

OnBase, the Hyland Software ECM solution, allows you to digitalize all documents even paper ones, gets the data & informations from paper documents, or file share, with all trade applications, Outlook & e-mails etc. These informations are then classified following their type with less, or even no, manual intervention. These informations are then safely stored until rights are granted to personal and managers.

This is just to start with as one talks about a full and reliable process & administrative management solution, technical and commercial, finance management, intern communication etc.

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New turnstile installations with option “anti-panic falling arm” and linked to the time management solution as well as “access controle” …

… wat provides you with the best-of-bride solution in order to manage access in the best conditions …

We have a complete range of turnstiles, swinging doors, indoor turnstiles, inbuild in walls  …

… or “Human Hight” turnstiles in order to manage access of personnel and visitors on sensible or closed sites:

All our turnstiles and hardware can work with our sofware solution to manage en register time, clockings, worktimes, schedules and access control!

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When talking about “guard patrol control”, what are we talking about? Management night guard patrol … like this one?

Not really, or rather with fewer people.

We talk about ‘guard patrol’ on ‘sensitive’ site and plants by security personnel with small portable, light, with or without digital display devices wm3000reading ‘radio frequency’ signals, RFID, loaded in small tags placed on walls as check stations.

One could use smartphones and ‘QR’ codes but this is a less reliable solution for ‘QR’ codes can be easily copied, not RFID ‘tags’.

The ‘tags’ are assigned to a control station or an ‘event’ or an ‘incident’.

The registered data are downloaded on a software thanks to a ‘cradle’ of ‘WiFi’!!

big_146The software helps manage the different control stations, make the patrols, check whether these patrols have been properly executed,  add incidents like “broken door” etc. and issue “reports’ for the management team or the customer!

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In the world, we develop every day new technologies, new apps and we are kean to make the best of this evolution, adapt our products and put it at your disposition!  Here, we talk about our terminal integrating the tablet technology, our “kiosk” (SYgma) with fingerprint scanner and cards reader.

It is a terminal using the best of the tablet tech. equipped with a touchscreen, easy and userfriendly, and straight connection to our “Cloud” time management solution” HorioWeb offering :

  • Time management,
  • Monthly or weekly record clearly and completely recapituating all clockings per period,
  • Presence Planning, Crewsand team, and work,
  • Absence management, request for (Workflow) !
  • Interactive validation by the manager,
  • Access control,
  • Cost following and management per activity, file, type of work in order to invoice works!
  • Transfert to payrol (social secretariat),
  • Intranet access (Full web),
  • HORIO notifications per email,
  • Internships and subcontractors management,
  • Lunch cheques,
  • and much ore …

In factories, industrial environments, or ‘on remote location’ like warfs, patient visits, where the employees are not working all the dayon a PC, this offers the possibility to ‘clock in’, check ones report, hours balance and overtime counters etc. like on a ‘state of the art’ tablet.

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More and more of our clients make the choice everyday of the face biometry for their new time management solution.

SY-FaceFrom some years now the “face recognition” has arrived on the market after the “fingerprint biometry”. It is a big technological progress in the time management, clocking and Human Resources management within the enterprise and company.

The “time” management of entry (and leave) on work place, the different schedules, breaks, the personnel and crew planning as well as the intern communication, absence request, makes the best of this quick, efficient and safe (sanitary, clean, without contact) method.

The data captation through the face biometry tech. works of course with our “cloud” or “local” solutions and with the “cloud” it garanties the access through “Internet” 24h/7 from anywhere in the world.

That we talk about managing the absences, breaks, planning, costs and expenses of jobs and projects (actual expenses, labour tarifs, rentability, facturation), these are the fundamental elements with the Human Resources, the time recording and management.

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Why makes the time and access management the best out of the “cloud”?

We have a brochure explaining the real and “no-contest” advantages of a human resources solution combining the “start” and “end” of work in companies, “in” and “out”, breaks, lunches, cigarette, coffee, crew and team organization, their planning, work management per “file” (dossier) of customers together with the “expenses”, labour, also called “job costing”, combined or not with access control.

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Do the companies take seriously enough the time management problem within their organisation?

X2-Bio-Capacitive_mediumThe study of a big consultant (heren under) proves that more needs to be done to improve the ‘human resources’ management within the companies. That we talk about ‘arrival’ (in) or ‘leaves’ (out), breaks management, planning, file & job management also called “job costing” as well as access control, it seems that this question is well underestimated.

Reliable biometry technologies are a handful on the market and the offer of services, hard and software, is everyday more accurate today, even combining the different facets of the problem of time management with cost-management, labour tarifs, projects following and rentability calculation.

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It’s not new but face recognition, face biometry is more and more popular.

SY-110newWe are indeed talking about a more and more reliable method of Human Resources management, planning registration, clocking and punching, schedules management, presences & time management or access control with safe “biometric hardware”.

The avantage of this “face recognition” solution is the absence of contact (contactless) with a device, what means the absence of propagation of bacteria en microbes, a “clean” solution in case of “flu epidemic” (e.g.) for medical industry, or pharma labs and even any other sectors demanding sterile conditions of working.

These devices are working in combination with all our software solutions.

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The complete access control systems can also integrate / make use of biometric “fingerprint” devices

printx-fpr_smallSometimes, it is of paramount importance to use a “controler” (intelligence device) together with “fingerprint” devices.

We offer of course this type of solution. These facilitate the management of access to different buildings and / or rooms in the company combining time management with access control, in other words a “global solution”.

The fingerprint solutions for the time, schedule, breaks, missions AND access registration is not only reliable, but also more accurate & safer

The “PRINT-X”, the fingerprint reader with a 9000 item memory, less than 0.001% errors, quick reading, with little lights (diodes) status display and audio confirmation.

Our software solutions “HorioWeb” or “Harmony” and others easily integrate these technologies and are very reliable.

The management of times, presences, clocking, planning et access remains our core-business.

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The biometric “fingerprint” standalone device!

media_167In some circumstances it is easier to install standalone fingerprint devices. We can supply these ‘machines’ as well. They allow you to make a usual & simple management of clocking, times, access control like with one of our other complete solutions.

These devices can also be integrated with a ‘bigger’ system thanks to their fingerprint & biometric reader for time management, schedules, breaks, access, missions etc.

Standalone or in combination with our “HorioWeb” and even with our very complete “Harmony”, they are very reliable.

Our trade ? The management of times, presences, clocking, planning et access.

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HorioWeb can also be installed in “local” for a better

“time management in companies”

Some people do not want to have to rely on the “internet” for their applications and software access. No problem, we can also install several of our solutions, Horio Web included, on our clients PC and servers. and by this, we can still propose time management solutions, planning and access control like in the past.

This does not change anything to our fingerprint solution to register time, schedules, breaks, missions etc.

Simple and easy like our TA300C or complete solution like “Harmony”, we have a solution for you !

Management of times, presences, crew and team planning as well as access to buildings or rooms is our trade.

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