Time management, time recorders and Handheld rugged, notebooks and industrial tablets, rugged laptops …

(all mobile data collection!)

We have two main range of products:

  • the HR systems, time management and time recording, schedules and plannings, payroll and holiday management
  • the rugged tablets, notebooks and laptops, barcode scanners, and all portable devices to collect all mobile data, sometimes in very rough environments, hospital management, on wharfs data collection, vehicle tracking, industrial piece and operation management …

This means in details :

employees' details fiches

employees’ fiches

Horomeca benefits from a large experience of more than 20 years in the time management and access control sector based on a network of international partners.

The solutions are based on modules like time management, activity tracking and job costing, payroll and salaries calculation, clocking and punching on tablets or smartphones etc.

By this doing, we can offer the right solution to the right company.

A wide range

We offer a wide range of time management software in order to control presences within any type of company. These are very complete solutions that manage not only presence and activity but also

Human Resources, time management, onboarding, access control

Human Resources & time management, time recording

complete HR and planning.

And more, for we work with data collection terminals, presence registration, clocking recording, that sends these data of date and hour to the server, PC, IT network. Our software also registers time with portable devices like telephones, tablets, and smartphones and in combination with a downloaded “app”.

Moreover, we offer a “clocking from PC” solution too, a specific app in the software, that works through a simple procedure with individual login and password.


HorioWeb-logo-2013(HorioWeb) for example, (also called TimeLog Web in UK) is the perfect “cloud” solution for time management, access control, team and crew planning, clocking of presences etc.


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The philosophy

This means that we didn’t try to reinvent everything and based the development of our range of products on a network of partners and offering of solutions that proves themselves effective in many parts of the world, global solutions, and in all kind of environment, thus e.g. with Synel.

SynergyWe put HR solution on the market, crew and team planning, presences management, access control, from simple solution to much more sophisticated ones for large companies.

This is why our solutions are made  for any type of enterprises, from small to large, multinationals, institutions, organisations.

We advise companies to choose the best solution, hardware and software, installation :

  • Software to manage times and clockings, presences
  • Planning of crews and teams, the making of teams presences
  • Access control
  • Schedules and scheduling
  • Holiday and days-off request and agreement by managers
  • Job-costing and project, activity, management
  • As well as visitors management module, accreditation, access to set zones
  • Data collection terminals of clocking and punching with intelligence, memory, screen and programmable function keys to register activities and send data to PC and management software
  • Complete solution for schools and education institutions to check and control presences and absences, with alarm to warn unjustified absences, restaurant management.
  • Simple time recording machines
  • Time recorders
  • Stamp clocks, time stamps
  • Hours display
  • Unit counters
  • Guard control and tracking systems
  • And offer of high security access control solutions for “outdoor” use like in manufacturing plants, or “indoor”, for administrations, large companies, big office complex, with turnstiles and tripods to regulate and control access with AC software, cards, fingerprints, face recognition etc.


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