Our HR & time and attendance management software solutions, on server, or « cloud », or with our « app » or Android Biopad …

time management systems

cloud time management systems

Time management, timetables and schedules, presence control, sickness leave, all types of accepted

leaves like maternity, holidays & days off etc. is what we offer and implement.

Our ‘best of bride’ Time Management solutions are combining hardware and software and complying to the expectations of any company.

We offer solutions to work with terminals and clocks, or on telephone, in the « Cloud », on internet, with an « app » on smartphones or tablet, with our « Android » Biopad and even GPRS.

We haven now on offer a brand new solution with our touch-screen terminal, time clock, the SYnergy-Touch which works like a tablet and offers aal what you dream of about a clocking machine.

Mobile time management on smartphones

Mobile time management on smartphones

This means that we also can offer bespoke solutions and that we have the best system for or a SME of some employees or the big multinational with 10.000 employees.

biometric time clock

biometric time clock

You can have an idea about our service on this page http://horomeca.com/solutions-2 as well.

Our HR & Time management software

HORIO WEB is the perfect solution for time management and Human Resources with an electronic capture of presence, work hours of employees, planning management, for any type of company or institution, organisation.

This HORIO WEB solution is a complete tool, in the “cloud” or installed on your servers, in order to manage accurately and efficiently employees activities, access control, planning, job and project costings, followed by a good payroll management.

This solution is a real SME dedicated one.

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HARMONYHARMONY is more a “Plc.” dedicated solution for bigger enterprise thanks to its large capacity database and structure.This software solution is a modular one of time management, presence, planning and team planning, access control with option visitors management, project and job costing and tracking, and last but not least online interaction between employee and manager.The software can be installed on your servers or accessible through a “remote” access option.Click here for brochure harmony_eng
TA-300, and U160 / U260

This is the ideal little solution for small SMEs with a small quantity of employees and easy demands unlike Plc.

The software has two developments, one basic and on other with more options, yet a tool for a simple but efficient management.

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Time Clocks

Time management clocks and fingerprint, biometric, terminals

HOROMECA SOLUTIONS develops ones range of products in order to be able to quote and help companies’ management teams to get the solution they need in :

smartphone online application for time management

smartphone online ‘app’ for time management

  • Time management, timetables and schedules, presences control, sickness leave, all types of accepted leaves like “missions”, maternity, holidays & days off etc.
  • Human resources management and payroll interface
  • Work & team planning and organisations
  • The making of crews based on different kind of criteria like “capabilities” or else
  • Interactive management of leaves ad absences demands with enquiry and “online” validation by the manager,
  • Production management and job costing
  • Visitors
  • Watch guards

With any of our system, one can a large range of reports, complete, clear and with setting following theAdmin users and managers demands. Our solutions are user-friendly and flexible, even with remote solutions to manage clocks-in and out, per phone or internet, and also with GPRS terminals.

We have the solution that suits your needs at the best price.  We have even the simple and reliable, efficient software, easy to install, user-friendly and at the « click mouse » set and ready to use. The solution you dreamt of, for which you defined the demands and needs, we have it. Moreover, we offer you the best of bride services and support.


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