We offer a wide range of turnstiles, swingdoors, speed doors and security doors and access. Here one talks about devices or machines to manage the flows of persons, visitors or employees and lead them through gates and access, grant access to some people to a said zone.

One talks here about all persons who need to get a certain access to specific places and zones like offices, plants, sport complexes, parking, etc.

Per definition this means :

  • Revolving doors and gates with glass panels for hotels or HQ of big companies, ministries, banks, PLcs etc.,
  • Smaller wicket gates for shops and commercial centers,
  • Smaller turnstiles, tripod with 3 arms and “box” (table)
  • Glass security doors and sasses
  • Full height rotor turnstiles and security gates to access industrial plants, industries, parkings
  • Boom access gates
  • All accessories like waist height barriers and railing with or without manual opening for disabled etc..


All our systems a fully modular and we can offer from the stand-alone turnstiles solutions with a small keyboard to the series of turnstiles and access gates even with an existing access control systems like for fitness clubs and sport complexes.

We can of course also quote for full complete systems with hardware and Tourniquet3software. There is always a solution that matches price expectations and fixed budgets.



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