Calculating times time recorders

Still and yet the simple solution when you don't have to much time to implement it and need a good price.


Time recorders with totals on barcode cards

1.     Display hours minutes, Displays am and pm, Displays day of the week, Displays date, Displays battery status and power

2.     Clear and silent printing dot matrix head on 5 column : in / out / intermediary totals / gross totals / bespoke notes space

3.     Best quality micro processor,

4.     Clockings programmation etc.

5.     Multi lingual printing,

6.     Choice of pay period and totals : weekly, fortnight, monthly.

7.     Auto guide and handling of cards for ‘in’ & ‘out’ and clockings.

8.     Identification of the right side of the cards.

9.     Battery for power supply in case of main failure + (option) even for clocking ‘in’ & ‘out’. keep data in memory > 3 ans,

10.  24 daily changes for intern melody or relay to bells.

11.  Identification with a « * » of wrong clockings

12.  Perpetual calendar.


easy to use !