Our time clocks, terminals, time data collection clocks and time machines.

By Time clocks, terminals, time data collection clocks and time machines , and besides our virtual solutions with smart-phones, tablet or PC, we talk about our wide range of  time machines, with fingerprints or cards, WiFi, GPRS or « wired ».

Hand palm recording and management

Hand palm time recording

Time clock, Time management terminals with FP and cards

Time management clocks with FP

Beside our « usual time management solutions », « cloud » or « local » (on servers), we offer de best of bride of time clocks, terminals « virtual » working with fingerprints, cards or even face recognition, and as communication, net work on cables, WiFi, GPRS, Pendrive …

We also offer « virtual » time management and clocking, on PC, tablet and smartphones as well as on time-terminals, data collection devices,

See also our new rugged & portable time-clocks or our stand alone solution BioTime Web

New in our range :

pointeuse biometrique

biotime-web clocks

BiotimeWeb  :

This time management, time recorder, time clocks, system BioTime-Web-Z-Pad is the perfect solution for very « S » SMEs with an embedded software accessible via « web browser » (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE)  and thus accessible remotely from every pc in the network aven tablets or smartphones !!  Easy and user friendly.

Some of our very interesting clocks out of our large range

Time management Terminals / Time clocks,

Clocks and terminals with « Face » recognition, « palm » (hand) and « face covered with a mask » + temperature:

Our « Proface » serie is a brand totally new product with a touchscreen and a « best of bride » integrated camera to register « time and attendance » and « access » without « contact » to avoid « contagion »


  • Compatible with our access controle and time management solutions like our Biotime8 (et 7) or our ZK-Enterprise
  • Embedded multilingual software
  • Programmable function  keys
  • Large capacity registration of « faces », and « palm » and « fingerprints », even with card too.
  • SDK disponible for integration with an existing « tier » software.
  • TCP/IP, USB & relais for connection with a lock or door magnet, Wifi and POE as an option

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iN05A : Our serie of terminals, time clocks, iN05A is an innovating product fitted with a TFT 3″ and an embedded software under Linux and using the technology Mifare / RFID / Fingerprints for the time management and the access control. It can be used on a stand-alone version or in network with several terminals.

Specifications :

  • Embedded Software with several languages French/English/ Spanish etc.
  • Programmable function keys,
  • Up to 3.000 finger’s (10.000 in option) templates and 10.000 cards,
  • Option : MAG cards, proximity, HID prox, HID iClass et Mifare
  • SDK available for integration in an existing software
  • POE & TCP/IP, USB & relais for connection to doorlock/magnets
  • Wifi in option

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biometric timeclock terminal

biometric timeclock terminal

SYnergy:It is the last younger terminal of our range that’s combines all usefull technologies for a better time management.

  • ID with fingerprint, pin code, pin code with fingerprint, card, card with fingerprint
  • Capacity 5200 employees (2 FP +< Picture), up to 676.000 employees (without picture and with card)
  • MAG, Prox, Mifare, Barcode reader
  • POE power supply
  • TCP/IP, HTTP, HTTPS,RS232/485, USB
  • Embedded Linux Open Source OS
  • Camera 1.3 M Pixels pf colors
  • 6 programmable function keys

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Time Clock, time management terminal SYnergy

Time Clock SYnergy

i560 : Easy to install with modern design , it’s the perfect solution for small and medium businesses. based on the ZEM800 platform, the iclock 560 offers more memory and professional firmware.


  • compatible with our ZK Enterprise software
  • POE functionnality
  • Up to 8 function keys
  • 8000 FP, 200.000 records
  • Multilingual embedded software
  • Optional Wifi

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Time clock iClock560 POE & Push

BiotimeWeb : Easy to install, solution dedicated to companies with less than 40 employees. The terminal is equipped with embedded software accessible through Web browser


  • No software installation needed (software is embedded on the device)
  • Android Environment (Widgets and touchscreen)
  • 40 employees max.
  • Fingerprint and Rfid by default ,optional Mifare
  • Multilingual embedded software
  • TCP/IP, Door relay (1), Optional Wifi

time management clocks

time clocks

I Clock 880 : The I Clock 880 clock, terminal, is fitted with a TFT 3″ screen, a fingerprint scanner and RFID reader. With 8 finction keys et its accrued memory, it is a professional clock ideal to work with a « cloud » integrated solution thanks to its PUSH SDK.

Specs :

  • Embedded software in different languages,
  • 8 programmable function keys,
  • Up to 8.000 fingerprint template memory,
  • Option MAG cards, Proximity, HID prox, HID iClass et Mifare,
  • Firmware customizable with advanced functions,
  • PUSH SDK 3.0 professional for integration with Cloud/real time software solutions,
  • TCP/IP, USB & relais for connection to door lock/magnets,
  • Camera, Wifi, GPRS in option


SY940 : This face recognition terminal, SY-Face, are based on a face recognition “dual sensors” algorithm to be used as well as for time management as for access.

The user presents himself in front of the terminal that detect straight away the face (infrared), the scanner scans the face (less than 1 sec) and the signal of registration and/or opening of door is sent.

  • Up to 2000 face templates, 10.000 cards and 200.000 images
  • Accurate and fast detection
  • Contactless authentication for hygienic conditions
  • The system can work in different light conditions, even in the dark
  • Incident traceable for security with photo captured by camera
  • with PIN and Proximity card options
  • TCP/IP, USB Host

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Face recognition time recorder / clock

Face recognition timeclock

We offer also a « mobile » data collection solution for the time management  … a clock to be used on wharfs or … Waterproof, Dustproof and
Shockproof Portable Fingerprint Time Attendance Reader :

Portable and rugged time terminal for wharfs

Portable and rugged time terminal

• Built-in 7600 mAh backup battery extends extra operation time
• IP65 rated waterproof and dustproof protection grade
• Shock proof (0.5m above the ground) due to its unique rubber coating
• Communication: TCP/IP, USB-host, Optional: Wi-Fi, GPRS and 3G (WCDMA)
• Multiple reading and authentication technologies like fingerprints, cards, RFID or Mifare proximity
• Fingerprint Capacity: 5, 000 (Standard)/10,000 (Optional)
• Card Capacity: 30,000

New … our Biopad with two versions:

BioPad time management

Time management solution BioPad

  • BioPad with our complete Z-enterprise software for the full Human Ressources management, employee fiche, schedules and roosters, plannings of days-off or presences, …
  • The BioTime (all-in-one) for companies up to 40 employees, with an « embedded » software for the time management, also « remote » through a web browser,  with on touchscreen consultation of worked hours by employees, etc.


Face Time Clock

The time clocks, terminals, time data collection clocks and time machines allow to manage times and presences, access, stamps and clocking, to be able to make crews, manage human Ressources and assign schedules, allow breaks, make the holiday planning, is it very important to register dates and hours properly and accurately.

It’s also important to have interactive time clocks, terminals, time data collection clocks and time machines to manage all this.

Besides the smartphones and telephones that we can also use for hours registering & time management purposes, we talk here also about data collection terminals, clocks, card readers not only to register dates and hours but also to grant access through gates, turnstiles and secured doors. All these data are downstream treated by our software solutions.

Our Time clocks, terminals, time data collection clocks, time machines, offer the best-of-bride of technology like :

  • TCP/IP via ethernetdata collection terminals, time management terminal, time recording terminal
  • TCP/IP via wifi
  • Par carte sim, GPRS
  • USB
  • RS232

They are also equipped with a card reader, or scanner of fingerprints or face recognition. On top of that they can be fitted with a second remote reader communicating with the main board in order to be able to clock “in” and/or “out” on both sides of a secured door.


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Handheld Rugged for Data collection

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