Bio Pad

The BioPad with our complete Z enterprise software used for the management of human resources, clockings, schedules, absences. BioPad is a touch terminal under Android.

portable time recorder device

Carriable time clock

Built-in 7600 mAh backup battery. IP65 rated waterproof and dustproof protection grade. Shock proof due to its unique rubber coating. TCP/IP, Usb-host, Wi-fi, GPRS and 3G (Wcdma). Fingerprints, cards, Rfid or Mifare proximity. Fingerprint Capacity: 5,000 (Standard)/10,000 (Optional). Card Capacity: 30,000

I Clock 880

Clocking terminal equipped with a camera, embedded software in different languages. 8 programmable function keys. Up to 8,000 fingerprint pattern memories. Mag cards, Proximity, Hid prox, Hid iclass, Mifare. Customizable firmware with advanced functions, P rofessional nPush Sdk 3.0 for integration with Cloud. TCP IP, USB and relay for access control and connections to a lock / magnets.

I-Clock 560

“PUSH” solution Based on ZEM 800 compatible with our ZK Enterprise software. POE functionality. Up to 8 function keys. 8000 FP, 200,000 EM, HID, MF RFID recordings Multilingual embedded software. Wi Fi optional. Perfect solution for small and medium businesses.

time management + access control clocking devices

US15C clocking terminal

With a "Linux embedded software", this click is equipped with new programmable function keys and a 3" screen, as well as WiFi, optional, up to 3,000 finger patterns and 10,000 registration cards can be stored. Supports reading of "MAG", "Proximity", "Hid prox" cards technology. These clocks are compatible with "Hid IClass" as well as Mifare. The SDK are available for integration with existing software solutions. The options available for communication are : Poe and TCP/IP, Usb and there is also a access control relay for connection to locks, magnets. Ideal for the time management and/or access control.


Compatible with Biotime7, 8 and ZK Enterprise. Integrated multilingual software and programmable function keys. It can register faces, palm and fingerprints. SDK available for inte gration with existing software. TCP/IP relay, USB for connection with lock or door magnet (access control), Wifi and sPOE optional.

Facial recognition terminal SY940


Facial recognition compatible with our HorioWeb solution up to 2000 face models, 10,000 cards and 200,000 images. Use a dual sensor that detects the presence of a face and compares it to its database. Contactless authentication for hygienic conditions. The system can work in different lighting conditio ns, even in the dark. PIN and proximity card. TCP/IP, USB host.


Clocking manchine compatible with our “ software solution: Specifications; fingerprints ( PIN code, cards FP, camera FP up to 5.200 employees, up to 676.000 employees (without photo and card), MAG, PROX, MiFare, Bar Code reader, charger POE, Board TCP IP, HTTP HTTPS, RS232 485, USB port, Camera 1.3 pixels pf coulor, 6 function keys programmable.