Horomeca Solutions

is a company dedicated to time management solutions, time recorders, schedules management, planning, rugged tablettes & Notebook.

consultancyFor many years now, Horomeca Solutions has become a real reference on the market of Human Resources, access control, time management, schedules and crew and team planning.

The name of our company “Horomeca” is existing for more than 100 years. Over the years, it has been an independent company as well as a department in a bigger group. Today and since 1994, Horomeca is a independent company. In 2009, we changed the name “Horomeca” into “Horomeca Solutions” in order to make clear that we don’t only sale devices but that we offer and implement solutions with a state of the art services.

Our management has the needed experience in the company’s management. This is of course a plus point for our clients or any company, organization, institution to be sure that we are the right partner.

We offer simple systems to more sophisticated full solutions that matches the real needs of all types of companies, from SME to PLc.

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Handheld rugged pocket PC

Handheld rugged pocket PC, rugged tablets and Notebooks

We are active on the market of :

  • Handheld rugged pocket PC, industrial portable, bar-code readers, data collection terminals, portable and mobile terminals, readers, vision system and laser ID, also equipped with a strong and rugged protection that can withstand a fall of some meters   They can also be fitted with a fingerprint reader, scanner, RFID reading, BlueTooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and GPRS etc.
  • Turnstiles:

    ,tripod, revolving doors, gates, boom gates and all security doors, with badges or fingerprint, biometric readers and software or stand-alone

  • Big revolving doors:

    turnstiles, indoor or outdoor gates for big plants entries, parking or offices, boom gate

    Time management terminals

    Time management terminals

  • Visitors management

  • Data collection terminals with memory, embedded software and function keys

  • Time management software:

    for the management of absences and presences on site, access control, schedules, days off & holidays, breaks with interactive absence enquiry and authorisation, team and crew planning, job costing

  • Complete solutions for schools and educational institutions with access and presences control, lunch and cantinas .
  • small devices, time recorders, time stamps, wall clocks and digital displays, small counters etc.

Handheld rugged, bar-code readers, portable and mobile terminals, PDA

Handheld rugged, bar-code readers, portable and mobile terminals, PDA

Our working method is always based on the consulting of our clients to help them find the best solution matching their needs, expectations and prices.

The flexibility and modular type of our solutions is at the disposition of all economic and social actors in our country.

For example, flexible Schedules open new possibilities for employees to better manage their work and time of working.

This is only possible with our solutions. The security of employees at work is only possible with a secure access control system. Only companies like ours can offer solutions combining the time management and access control.

Our chartered accountant is : www.degeest-audit.be

Horomeca Solution

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