The welness at work and in life is our first preoccupation

We contribute to well-being at work through our software solutions, clocking and time management, security and access control, our turnstiles, and our “health” offering of “Hydrogen therapy”, sterilization, air purification and C02 measurement.

pointage, badgeuses, contrôle d'accès, tourniquets, gestion horaires et des présences

Time management, clocking, access control is evolving every day

Discover our wide range of time management and clocking, attendance and access control systems, time clocks and our mobile applications to manage the time and attendance, access and planning.

Customer service

From the definition of your needs to the implementation of your solution, our customer service is at your side.

Easy to use

Our applications are designed to be easy to use on all mobile devices.

Secure data

All your data is protected to ensure privacy in compliance with the GDPR

Customized and personalized solutions

Our tools are modular to best meet your needs.

Do you need to organize your teams, manage schedules, arrange planning?

Find the right time management and clocking solution, attendance and access control system among our range of terminals, software and time clocks and air quality management solutions …

Schedule management

Access control


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tourniquet - tripode de contrôle d'accès

Turnstile tripod

“The tripod turnstile”, a perfect marriage between design and functionality, embodies elegance in the service of security. Its sophisticated design combines clean lines and quality

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They trust us

“Horomeca” is a name, a brand, renowned in the clocking and industrial metrology since before the first world war. The company exists in its current form since 1994, and before either independently or as part of a larger group, it is committed to providing companies of all sizes, whether innovative or traditional, with the best solutions for managing daily time and attendance and access control and air quality or hydrgen technology.