Time management & clocking software

We offer a wide range of comprehensive time and attendance software solutions in the cloud, SAAS, or locally on PC, with or without an access control module and a task management module, for rigorous management of schedules, working hours, activity monitoring and costs (work), production, attendance management, vacations, absences, flexible working hours, all for the working comfort of employees and managers.

Time and attendance software, personnel time and attendance, work time management solutions, creation - activation of schedules, plannings and ... Specific or stand-alone access control and visitor management module

Cloud-based time and attendance software
+ SYnergy Workforce (HorioWeb)

Time management software, very complete staff clocking solution in << cloud>>, Web based, and time and attendance management, working hours in the cloud or locally for all types of companies, from SMEs to PLC.

SYnergy Workforce – Horioweb is a solution perfectly adapted to the electronic recording of time and attendance, planning and schedules << online>> or << offline>>.

This solution is ultra user-friendly, with simple widgets, easy drop-down menu etc.
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Time and attendance software " SME - VSE ".

Personnel time and attendance solution installed locally or in the cloud, available around the clock from our servers or on your PC or server, including all the functions you need to manage attendance, time and attendance, schedules and time and attendance management in your company.

Compatible with  https://horomeca.com/terminaux-de-pointage terminals with fingerprint reading, Rfid, Hid, Mifa re.

The different versions of the software allow you to manage absences, overtime, schedules with corrections and modifications to clockings, and also to add modules for managing access, on-site interventions, monitoring “production” activities and much more.

Biotime 8 time & attendance software

We also have in our range of “pointing” of the person, a very powerful software, the “BioTime 8” that manages the “pointings” from any server connected to an Ethernet network, with LAN or VPN or even via the web, which allows you to manage the times and the presences as well as the control of access, the follow-up of activity, the payroll, interface of management, canteen, schedule, etc.

BioTime Web, scoring software

Simple time and attendance solution dedicated to SMEs with less than 40 employees with software embedded in an electronic time clock. Fingerprints and badge reader, Android touch screen with widget for employee consultation, requires NO software installation, WIFI optional

From mechanics to computers

Personnel time and attendance software appeared in the 70s and 80s to replace and automate the old time and attendance systems, the classic “time clocks”, with clocking systems and printing on cardboard time cards.

Influence of the evolution of information technology

After that and considering the evolution of “computing”, the solutions became more and more “powerful”, calculating more and more things, allowing more and more adaptation, unique specificities, planning, schedules, time slots, forecasting vacations, absences etc.


The key word for all the solutions was to offer the greatest “user-friendliness” to the users to allow, not only the use by the greatest number of attendants, but also to facilitate the management and to accelerate the processing of the data: nobody has the time to have to “go back to a solution” every time a modification has to be made. It has to “come from within”.

Appearance of the “Cloud

At the very beginning of the emergence of these computerized time and attendance solutions on PCs, software was installed “locally”, i.e. on the users’ servers.

This required days of installation, and therefore limited the type of companies that could order and use this type of system.

Even if, little by little, “lighter” solutions have appeared, “turnkey” software, the “Cloud” has considerably made the solutions for time and attendance, access control, production management, etc. even more user-friendly.

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