Time management software, clocking solutions

We offer a range of time management and clocking, attendance, software in the cloud, SAAS, or locally, with or without an “access” module, for rigorous management of schedules and timetables, working hours, activity monitoring and costs, production, attendance management, vacations, absences, flexible working hours, everything for the comfort of employees and managers.

Time management and clocking software, attendance, solutions, software for time and attendance, schedules, planning

Z-Enterprise" software

Local time management and clocking solution on your PC or server, including all useful features to manage the presence in your company. Compatible with IN5a, IClock 560 with Poe, Iclock 680 with fingerprint reading, Rfid, Hid, Mifa re. Z Enterprise allows for the management of absences, overtime, and the management of schedules with corrections and modifications of timekeeping.

Synergy Workforce - Horio Web
the SaaS "cloud" software

Complete Time management and clocking software software in << cloud>>It’s the perfect solution for any type of business. It’s a web-based and time management solution in the cloud or on-premise. Horio web is a solution adapted to the electronic recording of time and attendance and schedules << online>> or << offline>>

Biotime 8
Time management & clocking

We also have in our range of Time management and clocking software a very powerful software, the “BioTime 8” that manages the “pointing” from any server connected to an Ethernet network, with LAN or VPN or even via the web, which allows you to manage time and attendance as well as access control, activity monitoring, payroll, management interface, canteen, schedule, etc.

Time management & clocking
+ BioTime Web

Simple Time management and clocking software, attendance solution, dedicated to SMEs with less than 40 employees with software embedded in an electronic time clock. Fingerprints and badge reader, Android touch screen with widget for employee consultation, requires NO software installation, WIFI optional

Time management and clocking software

      pointage, logiciel RHis a tool that can help individuals and teams to better manage their time and increase productivity.

These software programs provide a variety of features, including calendar and task management, scheduling, and time tracking.

One of the main benefits of using time management and clocking software is the ability to easily schedule and plan tasks. This can be especially useful for those who have busy schedules and need to juggle multiple projects or responsibilities. The software allows users to create to-do lists, set reminders, and schedule appointments, all of which can help to keep them on track and ensure that important tasks are not forgotten.

Another benefit of time management and clocking software is the ability to track time spent on different projects and tasks. This can be useful for both individuals and teams, as it allows them to better understand how they are spending their time and identify areas where they may be able to improve efficiency. Many time management software programs also include reporting and analytics features, which can help to identify patterns and trends in time usage.


Time management and clocking software can also be used to collaborate with others.

For example

For example, team members can share calendars, assign tasks, and communicate with one another through the software. This can help to improve communication and coordination, making it easier for team members to work together effectively.


In addition to these benefits, time management software can also help to improve overall productivity. By providing users with a clear overview of their tasks and schedule, the software can help them to stay organized and focused, reducing the likelihood of wasted time and missed deadlines.


Overall, time management software can be a valuable tool for individuals and teams looking to improve their time management and increase productivity. With a variety of features, including calendar and task management, scheduling, and time tracking, these software programs can help users to better manage their time and achieve their goals.

It’s worth noting that there are many different time management software options available, including both free and paid options. When choosing a time management software, it is important to consider your specific needs and the features that are most important to you.

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