Air quality and CO2 measurement

Current events have made us aware of the importance of the quality of the air we breathe on our premises.CO2 detectors for CO2 measurement are instruments used to monitor the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air. CO2 is a greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. Measuring the concentration of CO2 can be useful for assessing the air quality in a given environment and identifying sources of pollution.

CO2 detectors, our solutions


Small, table-top Co2 measurement and detection unit, which can also be wall-mounted via an optional “eyelet”, with clear, visible backlit display for Co2, temperature and humidity monitoring, and color bar indicator of good air quality with “beep” alarm.


White PVC table-top Co2 meter with adjustable Co2 alarm, clear, visible digital display for monitoring and measuring CO2, temperature and humidity, and “emoticon” indication of good air quality.

Alarm threshold ” beep ” adjustable by the user at 800, 1000, 1200 or the desired value.


Wall and table display of Co2, temperature and humidity and in addition, noise, noise pollution, in DB (decibel).

These devices are equipped with a clear digital display, colored LEDs with green, yellow or red “emoticons” indicating the good quality of the air.


Wall-mounted Co2 meter that can also be placed on a table or shelf, with adjustable Co2 alarm.

Clear, visible display for Co2 control, temperature and humidity indication and “emoticon” and side bar indicator for good air quality

Co2 measurement, our wide range of detectors for CO2 measurement, CO2 control.

It is aimed at companies and institutions concerned about the health of their workers. Here you’ll find a number of CO2 display and sensor devices, for monitoring, displaying, detecting CO2 measurement, PHP, etc. We also offer air purification equipment, because measuring is good, taking action downstream is better.

There are many different types of CO2 meter, which can be used according to the needs and constraints of the application.

Portable or fixed?

Portable devices are often used to measure CO2 concentration in restricted environments, such as classrooms (see the Co2 directive for schools of the Walloon-Brussels federation ) or offices. Stationary devices, on the other hand, are used to measure CO2 concentration in larger environments, such as factories or shopping centers.

CO2 meters can also be used to monitor the effectiveness of pollution control devices, such as filters or scrubbers.

CO2 displays are devices that measure the level of carbon dioxide in ambient air. These displays are becoming more and more common in public and private buildings, as they can be used to monitor indoor air quality and take action to improve ventilation and reduce health risks for occupants.

CO2 displays work by measuring the concentration of CO2 in the air and displaying this information in digital form. Some models can also display graphs showing changes in CO2 concentration over time. CO2 monitors can be stand-alone or connected to a ventilation system to automatically adjust fresh air flow according to CO2 levels.

By monitoring CO2 levels, the displays can detect areas where ventilation is inadequate and occupants may be exposed to high levels of CO2. Studies have shown that high levels of CO2 in indoor air can have negative effects on the health and well-being of occupants, such as headaches, fatigue and reduced concentration.

In conclusion, CO2 monitors are important tools for guaranteeing indoor air quality and ensuring the health and well-being of occupants. They make it possible to monitor CO2 levels and take action to improve ventilation, which can have benefits for both the health and productivity of occupants.