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solutions for controlling the flow of entries and presence in buildings

Access control turnstiles, our solutions

Tripod turnstiles, swing or sliding gates, large airlocks and revolving doors are the solution for controlling the flow of people into buildings. They are used to control the flow of people into the building, but also for access control, sometimes even combined with employee check-in or visitor registration. … They are used in companies and factories, but also during big events in stadiums or big public halls, stores, malls, shopping centers etc. They can also be used to control the number of people present in a space, a room, a hall, or even access to public transport.

Large comb turnstiles

Large drum turnstiles

  • 3 “combs” = 120° space
  • ou 4 “combs” = 90° of angle for the access control

The 3 combs configuration is the normal one

The one with 4 combs serves to restrict the space and prevent the passage of two people and therefore ensure better control of entries.

The turnstiles operate most of the time controlled by software, ‘access module’ option.

which communicates with the motherboard of the turnstile but also “standalone” via a configuration keyboard.

See below also the solutions of turnstiles, access turning gates, also equipped with “glaces” and more suitable for offices and more luxurious non-industrial buildings.

Tripod turnstiles

Tripod access turnstile with 3 arms in the form of a table, with two legs, or in the form of a stand with one leg, or even embedded in a wall.

tripode-quantum-DSQ50 Daosafe

The use of a tripod access turnstile is most often coupled with a network access software with the possibility to define who can enter via which turnstile and no other and with all possible access control functions.

See our page “scoring software”.

They can also work as stand-alone solutions or with third-party solutions.

tourniquet turnstile speed gate
We work closely with leading manufacturers of access control systems, turnstiles, speed gates, gates, revolving doors and speed gates.
One of our partners is

Speed gate turnstiles

Quick access control gates with pivoting or sliding windows, or even with infrared detection (without window but with sound signal).

This is an ultra design solution for high standing buildings, connected to a complete network software like our other solutions of course.

Glazed 'airlock' turnstiles

In the range of access control turnstiles – doors & revolving doors, we offer large drum turnstiles, called “man-height”, with 3 glass partitions to control passage and access.

It is a very design solution linked to a complete network management software.

See also our access modules on the “software” page

Bicycle-motorcycle crossing turnstiles

In our range we also offer turnstiles based on our standard versions but offering a specific passage for two-wheelers:

  • wheel chairs
  • or motorcycles and bicycles.

Today, with the evolution of mobility, we offer solutions that take these changes into account and guarantee optimal safety for everyone.

These solutions are easy and user-friendly and guarantee access control for everyone

Outdoor turnstiles with canopy

It is obvious that we must offer turnstiles designed for extreme situations, protected from bad weather by an awning and with a high “IP” degree. These large comb turnstiles have double passage restriction protection. They are “full height” and control passage and access even more strictly.

Speed gate passage controls

Fast access control door with sliding glass, retractable, for fast access and passage, classy and design solution for e.g. office halls, connected to a complete networked software.

Ultra-design 3-arm turnstiles

3-arm access control turnstile, very “design” stand in the shape of a “table” (as shown), stand-alone or networked solution managed by access management software.

Glass access turnstiles - Revolving doors and big access gates

Tripod turnstiles and speed gates with glass panels are modern access control devices that combine aesthetics, functionality and security. This equipment has become very popular in public spaces such as commercial buildings, airports, convention centers and museums, thanks to its ability to efficiently manage the flow of people while adding a touch of elegance to the environment.

Tripod turnstiles feature three rotating arms that allow one person at a time to pass through. Their sturdy stainless steel construction offers resistance to attempts at circumvention or vandalism. The rotating arms can be operated by various methods, such as using identification cards, barcodes or biometric readers. These turnstiles are designed for ease of use by users and can be adapted to meet the needs of people with reduced mobility.

On the other hand, glass-panel speed gates offer an elegant, high-end experience. These devices feature tempered glass panels that open and close automatically to allow passage. Glass-panel speed gates create a physical barrier while offering clear, unobstructed visibility, giving a feeling of openness and brightness to the spaces in which they are installed. This equipment is often used in environments where aesthetics are paramount, such as luxury hotel lobbies or prestigious buildings.Glass access turnstiles - Revolving doors and big access gates

Tripod turnstiles and speed gates with glass panels both offer advantages in terms of security and access control. They can be integrated with advanced management systems to enable precise user authentication and the collection of valuable data on people flows. This information can be used for resource planning, crowd management and attendance analysis.

In short, tripod turnstiles and glass-panel speed gates are sophisticated access control solutions that combine functionality and aesthetics. Whether for security in a commercial building or to create an elegant impression in a public space, these devices are popular choices. Their solid design, ease of use and integration with modern management systems make them essential tools for locations seeking to combine safety, efficiency and aesthetics.