Unit counters

For years, we have been offering a wide range of devices and tools, counters, unit controls, digital and machine connected, or manual. We also offer systems and devices for night watchmen patrols and time displays.

Unit counters, discover our range

Manual unit counters

Equipped with metal ring for wiht the finger holding, passage counter, mechanical unit with push button.

Digital Clock

All types of time displays by luminous LEDs, hour – minute display, optional seconds display, dates, digital

Passage controller, also called round watchmen controller.

Allows counting and control of the points of passage and controls of the visited places with possibility of follow-up by incidental notifications. Detailed reports available.

Digital unit counters

For counting units connected to a machine or not, recording processed units, industrial use.

According to Wikipedia, this is what a unit counter is

Generally speaking, a counter is a system designed to give a numerical value of a quantity. A counter produces a number on a display, or sends an electrical signal.

In the case where the magnitude is an event, the counter adds 1 to its value at each occurrence, as a manual counter does at each press of the trigger.

If it is a continuous quantity, the counter performs a quantification in a given unit of measurement. Common usage classifies as meters those instruments whose last digit is an analog representation of a fraction of a unit, such as the common water meter.

By analogy, we also call “counter” devices that either produce the result of a temporal integration, like the Geiger counters, either include a counter, while their main indication is another quantity, like the “speedometer”, which should be called “speed indicator”, or provide, from indices, an estimate of the number of objects per unit of surface or volume, like the Coulter counter