pointage par pointeuses

the easy-to-use, ready-to-use “all-in-one” time-clock

We offer you an ultra-friendly, “all-in-one” time clock, i.e. the software is already installed under “Android” in the time clock …

You receive the time clock, unpack it, place it on the wall or on a table, and it’s “operational”!
Easy, user-friendly and intuitive, this is the solution you need.

No software installation on your PC, no “risk of conflict” or “unopened port” or ultra-sensitive “firewall”. Just your browser that communicates with the terminal…

The time clocks are touch-sensitive, so you can manage everything with your fingertips, and the menu is completely intuitive!

It’s also a comprehensive solution for teams of up to 50 employees.
Your business, your workshop, your company or a branch in another town, managing the maintenance staff of your establishment, your school, your association … this is the “easy” and “ideal” solution for recording your attendance times.

Plug and play as we like it… as soon as you receive it, it’s ready to use.

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