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Biolite Suprema access control reader

Biolite Suprema readers

Horomeca Solutions offers powerful access control systems that allow the « click of the mouse » to authorize or prevent the access of certain people, a group of people to a building, an area, a site during time slots. defined. We all offer a variety of standards for readers ranging from classic RFID to Mifare but also HID PROX, FeliCa, NFC, DESFire, HID and iCLASS!

Access management systems facilitate the management of authorization time slots, defined groups of people who have access to very specific areas. The great advantage of our solutions is that they allow complete and rigorous management of zone security, authorization at certain times combined with management of schedules and work

Horio Web software, module « access »

HorioWeb Access Control Software

Access Control Software

The HorioWeb access control module allows access to certain areas at predefined times. You have the possibility to control the entries and exits of employees and visitors at any time, to publish daily, weekly, monthly or annual reports. The system is completely flexible and adapts to changes in the business

and our access control range « Atlas » controllers with « embedded » softwares

Large range of access control controllers

Large range of access control controllers 

No need to install software on a PC, the software application is « embedded » in the « controllers » and allows you a user-friendly and complete management from any position in the company and even from your smartphone!

It’s « THE » solution of the moment! All your doors secure with WiFi devices that can control each one up to several doors

any reading technology access controle readers

any reading technology access control readers

A broad and large range of access control readers

We have a very wide range of access control, badge, RFID, MiFare or HID readers, fingerprint readers and even facial recognition readers to grant entry or exit to one or more doors. exit, manage how many people stay in a space, how long they stay there etc.

Our solutions therefore offer management:

  • Access authorizations for staff, visitors, suppliers,
  • checking the proper use of authorizations,
  • Individual access,
  • Groups of people with the same permissions,
  • User-friendly by screens and click and drag lines of the time slots,
  • Clear reporting of input and output movements (if configured).


Lecteurs de contrôle d’accès

IP67 certified, the BioEntry offers the highest protection against humidity, dust and liquids. Even more, IK08 certified, it resists all attempts at vandalization, thus allowing you to secure the exterior of your buildings.

  • Biometric & Proximity
  • Compatible with EM, HID Prox, MIFARE, FeliCa, NFC, DESFire, iCLASS
  • POE 12V DC
  • HorioWEB compatible

BioEntry access controle reader

BioEntry access controle reader

A broad range of access control readers  

  • Proximity cards readers – 5 to 10cm and more,
  • MiFare, HID etc.
  • IP65 ou IP67 waterproof and resistant housing
  • Indicators by diode (x3)
  • Compatible with our access control software solutions

A broad range of access control readers

A broad range of access control readers

TF1700, access control terminals, waterproof with fingerprintsscanner+ RFID cards and code.

  • Fingerprints, proximity cards code identification
  • Reading cards from 5 to 10 cm
  • Waterproof : IP65
  • Date, hours and terminal status display.
  • Stand Alone system too
  • or network as well with remote reading head
  • with a  complete software 


Access control terminal TF1700

Biolite Net

Stand alone solution recommended for small sites in terms of number of employees or doors to be checked. Equipped with a proximity reader, numeric keys and a biometric reader, Biolite-Net offers multiple identification modes while adapting perfectly to narrow places. Its slim but nevertheless robust design is also certified waterproof (IP65) and allows outdoor use.

  • Biometrics, proximity and pin code
  • MiFare
  • Numeric keyboard Waterproof and robust IP65 case
  • Works without a controller for autonomous access control
  • 12Vdc
BIOLITE NET controller d'accès
Reader XPASS Slim 2

The XPASS Slim 2 reader is a native IP access control unit with a high level of security. Now available in black or white, it combines reliability, performance and design. IP65 certified, it withstands temperatures from -35 ° C to + 65 ° C and is therefore suitable for outdoor installations.

  • Only Badges
  • MIFARE, FeliCa, DESFire (CSN)
  • 32 bit microprocessor (533Mhz)
  • 12Vdc
  • Supports extreme conditions (-35 ° C to + 65 ° C)
  • HorioWeb compatible

access control readers XPASS SLIM 2

access control readers XPASS SLIM 2

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