Infrared thermometers, unit counters, tour guards, clocks and displays

Infrared thermometers, no contact temperature measurement

Infrared thermometers

The health crisis that we have suffered has led us to offer tools to combat it, tools which are not part of our product range.

This is why we have, among other things, added infrared thermometers in our range and that we can offer them at a very very good price.

They are very precise, of excellent quality and it is the ideal tool for a rapid temperature measurement.


Unit counters

When one talks about time management one talks also about time display whereas it’s stand alone or a complete  network of displays with master clock or monument.

We keep selling clocks and displays of good quality for industrial environment, that it is analogic or digital, displaying hours, minutes and on option even seconds.

Tour Guard

But we have also in this Infrared thermometers, unit counters, tour guards, clocks and displays section, mobile solution to match hours and patrol checkpoints, tour guards or chronometers and counters, unit counters and all type of small devices like these.clocks. Nowadays, is this offer simpler thanks to the sending of an “air” signal from the Frankfurt atomic clock or GPRS.wm3000We offer a lot of different solutions like :

  • Counters
  • Mobile registering systems for patrol and guard tour or else
  • Chronometers
  • Unit counters

The mobile registering system for patrol and tour guards is a complete flexible solution with mobile devices based on the RFID technology to register all kind of data.chrono-analo

This solutions, within our Infrared thermometers, unit counters, tour guards, clocks and displays section, gives even more possibilities: follow up of parts and spare parts, follow-up of operations like on big machines, maintenance of engines, boats, follow-up of security patrols on sites, tour guards of personnel on sensible site to ensure the best security on location (very important against theft, fire or other occurrence en therefore advised by security and insurance companies), cleaning companies, maintenance, fitting companies etc. and this allow an accurate follow-up.

Its use is simple: one has only to check the different check points defined in advance and fitted with small RFID tags after what one download all data on the software and evaluate and manage the situations.

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