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time clock and time recorders

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100 cards free with the order of one KP100A! These time recorders and cards are in stock, very short delivery. very usefull machines to check and monitor the employees’ clocking and presence in your company.



time management clock

time clock

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Time recorders
KP210-DI : Time recorder with cards

  • Digitale display
  • Late entrees & early leaves in red
  • Programmable
  • relai to external systems

Specs download

KP-100A: Simple time recorder with cards and hands display

  • Display like wall clocks (hands)
  • Pointeuse simple

Specs download

SP-550 : Time Stamp, workshop & jobs

  • Time and Date Stamp
  • Printing on all type of doc.
  • Date printer

Specs download

KP-201 : Total time recorder per periode

  • Digital display
  • Programmable

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Time recording machine

Time recording machine

Time recorders, time machines, time-cards devices, also called time recording machines are as old as our 19th century industrialisation.

They were real longcase (grandfather) clocks with a sophisticated mechanical system with pendulum and notched wheels and a printing mechanical system to print the date and time with engraved wheels + a inked ribbon.

Nowadays, Time recorders, time machines, time-cards and time recording machines, are cost-effective (from approx. 300 euro already).

Time clock

Time clock

We talk about electro-mechanic clocks with a clever “main board” which keeps all information of time, date and perpetual calendar (for 30 days months, February and leap year) on ‘eprom’ and memory.

De time display has also changed with the years. There are still people who prefer “hands” and analogical displays, but we offer also now “figures” display, digital displays.

Time recorders, time machines, time-cards devices

time machine

The printing is silent and accurate with needles printing heads. These printing head are as such a small electronic device.

These Time recorders, time machines, time-cards devices are the indispensable tool in companies to check and control the arrivals and leaves of employees.

Even if these machines work the same way, there are still different options and level of control offered.

The usual time recording machines work on a monthly basis and partly automatically.

Time recorders, time machines, time-cards devices

Time recorders

There is an option to change column automatically following a set program. We can also work on a monthly basis, with a fortnight on each side of the cards, or weekly with specific cards.

The machine can also print horizontally or vertically for a better daily view on clocking.

There is also another option of bicoulor ribbons to print late entries in red and following a set schedule and program. The machines are manually set and programmed to do so.

time punching cards

time cards

In our range of product, you can also find a calculating machine.

These Time recorders, time machines, time-cards devices work with calculating the elapsed times between each entry and leave and after the possibility by calling for a function, function key, and introducing each card, to get the totals of all the elapsed times and get the total of the period. Cards are barcode cards, one per employee.

We offer also time stamp machine, workshop time recorders, to print a date and an hour on any type of paper, forms, insurance ones, bank docs, customers’ documents, samples in the printing industry etc.

workshop time recording machine

time stamps

These “time stamps” offer a wide range of possibilities like to print on the right hand or left hand side, more to the centre of the doc.

With a choice of date “US” format of European, with a choice of language and even of different messages, up and down counters etc.

These time recorders are the way to a more sophisticated system with software and terminals allowing to manage schedules more accurately.

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