BioTime Web

Simple embedded clocking solution dedicated to SMEs with less than 40 employees. Fingerprint and badge reader, Android touch screen with consultation widget for employees, it requires NO software installation, optional WIFI

time management software Biotime 8

Biotime 8

We offer a very powerful software, the "BioTime 8" which works from any server connected to an Ethernet network, with LAN or VPN or even via the web, in order to manage time and attendance as well as the control of access, activity monitoring, payroll, management interface, canteen, schedule, etc.

Z-Enterprise software

“Local installed” on your pc or server software solution, including all the useful features to manage clocking in and attendance in your company. Compatible with US15C terminals, IClock-560 with POE, Iclock-680 with fingerprint reading, Rfid,Hid, Mifare. Z-Enterprise allows the management of absences, overtime, the management of schedules with corrections and modifications of “in” and “out” clocking.

HorioWeb time management software


Complete cloud or “local installed” web clocking and time management software solution for companies of all sizes Horio web is a software solution adapted to the electronic registration of time and attendance and schedules "online" or "offline".