Health care and medical metrology

Based on our experience in microscopy, we have developed the distribution of a range of machines and devices for measurement and treatment, for example of air.

Our medical metrology measurement and processing solutions


Small portable thermometer easy to use, without contact, infrared technology, anti-propagation of viruses.

HR-Xor 96

With One-Click Operation Interface, 96-unit maximum flow rate, improved detection efficiency, non-drip design for accurate results, open platform, wide range of applications and high compatibility with the vast majority of tests.

PCR testing machine, mainly for nucleic acid testing Real time PCR system HR-Gen-96

Instant PCR test offering economical and convenient use, with excellent optical system and stable and accurate heating system with temperature control.

QRCode COVID pass

Control device at the entrance of the covid “passes” with instantaneous connection to the EU database and access authorization by “dry contact” relay.