Pointeuse - timbreur - dateur - horodateur (SP-550)

Document stampers at 250 € : Promotional offer

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Time stamps, time stamps, workshop time stamps, form stamps, worksheets, these are their names. They are in fact devices that affix a time and a date on a paper, forms, work sheets, care protocols, production tests etc.

The time stamping machines are used for multiple tasks such as: dating incoming mail, stamping documents from pharmaceutical laboratories, medical protocols in hospitals, work sheets in workshops, vaccination certificates (covid19), dating printing tests…

The time and date stampers print on any type of document, paper, and even on “NCR” documents (carbon copies).

It is an ideal little machine that performs many different functions that we don’t always think about and yet are very essential.

Some technical details:

  • Power consumption: 15 W (max)
  • LCD display of hour and minutes, indication morning or afternoon,display of the day of the week,display of the date,power “indicator”.
    Clear and silent printing by matrix head on ALL types of paper and documents, forms, cards etc.
  • Printing of a “pre-programmed comment” (13 different ones: receipt, “in”, “out” etc.) but also of a text of 3 lines (31 characters).
  • Different fonts to choose from
  • Numberer
  • Choice of printing on the input side of the document and adaptation of the printing accordingly
  • Choice of language for display and printing
  • Programming of the printing format date, hour, minutes, numbers or letters, American or European etc. or tenth, hundredth of hour
  • Form printing guide and “view” window.
  • Choice of display direction/way according to the choice of placement: on table or wall.
  • Power reserve, battery support.
  • Perpetual calendar.

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