The all-in-one biometric time clock with embedded software.

 715,00 (+ tax)

Biometric Time clock

This “all-in-one” solution with embedded “Android” software on the terminal.
The use of this type of biometric time-clock with embedded software in the terminal transforms working time management into a fluid, precise and efficient task, with no need for external software installation on a local PC. Real plug-and-play, all-in-one, ultra user-friendly, you receive it, you place it and it works. See also



The all-in-one “biometric time clock” solution.

Thanks to our biometric time clock and its “Android” software embedded on the terminal, on the time clock, employees can now record their presence at work with extraordinary simplicity and speed. The time clock, equipped with embedded software, allows workers to identify themselves in the blink of an eye, whether through an ID badge – card or a fingerprint.

pointage, tijdregistratie, time managementIn addition to making it easier to check in and out, on-board software offers advanced time tracking features. Human resources managers can easily view and manage attendance data,

The use of embedded software in time clocks transforms working time management into a fluid, precise and efficient without extern software solution installation on a PC, plug-and-play, all in one, fully user friendly.

No more exhaustive software installation!!

Unbeatable price: 715 euro with 10 badges + terminal configuration package, installation assistance and training, i.e. one hour at 125 euro, or two hours for a 230 euro package. (+ taxes and postage)

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