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In these times when every euro counts and thanks to the development of automated solutions, time clocks have many advantages and are becoming essential to improve human resources management.

What are the advantages of a time tracking software?

Our timekeeping software has many advantages, including:

Improve productivity and employee follow-up

By controlling the entry and exit of your staff, you encourage them to be responsible in the management of their working time. With a time clock (physical, mobile or PC), you can be sure that you have reliable information to track theoretical working hours and overtime.

Save time for your HR team

By better tracking attendance at the workplace, the time and attendance software allows you to accurately analyze the distribution of work time on a project or for a team. It is possible to know immediately the expenses compared to the budget initially fixed for a project via our activity management tool. This management close to the activity allows to be more reactive and to adjust the workflow of the company if necessary.

Efficiently calculate employees’ working hours.

Our HorioWeb time and attendance software allows you to manage all your company’s activities (affiliated tasks, attendance). Fully customizable according to your projects, it has been designed to comply with the constraints and specific laws on working hours.

To summarize, a useful and effective time tracking software should allow you to do the following:

– Record, take into account the time of presence

– Empower your employees

– Improve your productivity

– Provide detailed reports

– while remaining in compliance with the laws in force, including the RGDP

– Manage the budget of your activities

– Keep your employees happy and engaged